The Employer/Employee Engagement Guide: How to Write a Winning Job Ad

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Ryan Kaye

- April 11th, 2022
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Welcome to Part One of the Employer Engagement Guide, a 12-part blog series covering a range of topics, including everything from ways to put candidates at ease during an interview, to how to run your recruitment processes virtually, and much more. Our first blog this month talks about how to write an effective job ad that works harder for you, so you find the perfect candidate…

Wondering how to write a great job advert? A carefully curated job ad should do two things. First and foremost, you want your ad to publicise your post. Next, you want it to boost your company brand and entice the ‘right’ candidates and turn away others who aren’t a good fit for it.

Today’s banking and finance candidate market is fast-moving. And because of this, selecting quality candidates is trickier. This ultimately adds to the time and potential cost of your hiring process.

As an employer, you want to write a job advertisement to hire the best candidates who’ll be a good culture add to your company as well as a great culture fit.

That being said, in an overloaded jobs market, seeking these candidates is becoming challenging. We wrote a blog recently about two successful ladies in fintech firms and how they define attracting diversity through their job specs.

So, we’ve put together some top tips on how to write an effective job advertisement that works harder for you, making finding the perfect applicant a less stressful chore.

How to write a good job advertisement

1. Ascertaining Your Candidate Avatar

Finding your ideal candidate avatar isn’t as straightforward as you might think. When it comes to how to word a job advert, many companies forget to pinpoint exactly what they’re seeking.

A surprising number of job listings give finance skills but fail to state what other skills a candidate needs to fit in and succeed in their position.

Since the pandemic, the skills required in your finance team have changed a little. Before COVID-19, you may have been looking for someone with management potential. Whereas now, you’re probably seeking a candidate with outstanding digital skills to take the company forward.

Companies across the globe have changed their priorities this year. What each financial team wants in their perfect candidate will vary for every organisation.

Sit down with your HR and management teams – and anyone else involved in the hiring process, so you’re one hundred per cent clear on what you’re seeking at the moment.

2. Re-evaluate your job description

job advert

When looking for a job, your potential candidate looks at your job spec to see whether they’ve got the necessary skills to apply.

Good job advert examples are written clearly and specify what skills are needed.

Often, we spot job advertisements specifying what is, in fact, several different positions! Try to expand the possibility for every distinct job role. For example, find a finance expert with abilities in other skills outside of their remit. By doing this, you entice more speculative candidates to apply.

We advise keeping the job specification as snappy and succinct as possible and in line with what their post-COVID position will entail.

3. Get your company values and culture across

So, what should a job advertisement include? We’ve mentioned concise job spec, but equally vital are your company culture and values – they’re a critical part of enticing the highest quality candidates in our post-pandemic world.

company culture

Since Covid, there’s been a massive change in the job market. While some candidates seek a new position out of necessity, others have used Covid to evaluate their employer requirements.

The most valuable candidates want employers who can offer them meaningful work. Ever since Covid-19, this has climbed to the top of most candidates’ wish lists.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What’s the culture like in my company?
  • How long has my company culture stayed supportive and strong during Covid?
  • Does my company provide flexible working or remote working options?
  • Am I still offering first-rate learning and development opportunities, despite the pandemic’s challenges?
  • What does my organisation offer in terms of benefits and wellbeing programmes?

An increasing number of candidates seek non-discriminatory managers who encourage fairness across their company culture. So, we suggest making sure you’re advertising yourself as an all-encompassing, broadminded employer who looks after all your staff members.

4. Get the language right

Other qualities of a good job advertisement include ditching catchwords and waffle. Candidates aren’t stupid – they’ll see through the jargon, worthless terminology, or exaggerated job descriptions.

Keep it authentic, unassuming, friendly, and engaging. How to create a job advert that stands out from the rest? Task your most word-savvy HR member with the responsibility to make your job ad readable and appealing.

Don’t forget. Your job advertisement will show up on apps and job boards. As such, be sure to integrate the right keywords to entice applicants who tick all the boxes. Rather than ‘finance guru’, insert the right job title so that it’s visible in more applicable searches.

5. A final word

Have you tried to write a job advertisement, but it’s been unsuccessful in attracting top-notch finance candidates? Then you may need a helping hand finding candidates with the relevant experience who’ll also be a perfect organisational fit for your company.

Market Talent has been helping finance companies source high-quality candidates for seven years, so we know the present-day market difficulties which we’ll help you overcome. Give us a call on +44(0)20 7971 7700 or email us at