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Is a Four-Day Working Week Really Worth It?

Fantasise about spending less time in the workplace without your pay being cut? Then this is about to become a reality for more workers. In June, the UK will launch a trial of a four-day working we...
Posted 25/01/2022

9 Secrets to Being Happy at Work

The days are gloomy. You’ve taken down the festive decorations. You’re sitting in the office and have already aborted your new year’s resolutions. It’s Blue Monday – legitimately the darkest ...
Posted 16/01/2022

6 Secrets to a Standout CV

Creating standout CV templates and writing CVs are usually two entirely different things. Whether you’re just out of university, seeking your next finance role, or a new role in the fintech sector,...
Posted 11/01/2022

Green Banking and the PM’s Clean Green Initiative

To drive clean growth, third-world countries need the correct type of investment while tackling the effects of climate change. And now, there’s a new initiative that allows us to deliver an honest,...
Posted 27/12/2021

2021 End of Year Message from Our CEO

What a year 2021 has been! While 2020 brought about a lot of change, unease, and difficulties, I think this year has brought about a lot more hope. Looking back, 2020 was such a dark place that 202...
Posted 24/12/2021

How Gen Z Are Shaping the Future of Banking

Online banking has existed for 20 years, but teens and young adults are now changing how it’s being used through Gen Z banking. These digital natives are taking control of millennials and, no doubt...
Posted 21/12/2021