2021 End of Year Message from Our CEO

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Ryan Kaye

- December 24th, 2021

MT Ryan

What a year 2021 has been! While 2020 brought about a lot of change, unease, and difficulties, I think this year has brought about a lot more hope. Looking back, 2020 was such a dark place that 2021 gave us a new perspective about everything. From family visits to vaccines to even holidays, all of it felt like a gigantic gulp of normality!

Who could’ve predicted the challenges of 2021? COVID-19 has more than made its destructive mark, causing ambiguity and longstanding effects. What’s more, the pandemic has also left a trajectory of systematic challenges, including environment-related risks.

A Truly Tumultuous Year

As 2021 comes to an end, I want to take the opportunity to reminisce on what has been a tumultuous year, but also one that turned into quite a different year – a year really none of us could have envisaged. Yes, it was another tricky year for us in more ways than one, but it also proved how resilient we are as a business – despite the most testing of times.

Even though COVID-19 brought our planet to a standstill, imposing rules that meant we had to stay away from loved ones and each other, our recruitment work has enabled people to communicate and still land their dream jobs, and quite a number of them we have helped!

Embracing Technology

I’m so incredibly proud of Market Talent’s work this year. It wasn’t easy dealing with both the well-being of my staff and temporarily putting the brakes on face-to-face interviews, visits, and meetings – all while striving to offer our candidates and clients a high-quality recruitment experience.

I’m delighted that my team embraced new ways of working, using digital technology to communicate with our customers, with as little interruption as possible, using webcams, conferencing software, and phones. All of this forms a brilliant foundation that we can rebuild as we look forward (with hope) to 2022.

My Vision for 2022


In 2022, I want to continue making a positive impact by constantly delivering unparalleled service. My promise is that our recruitment proficiency creates innovative, industry-leading recruitment approaches so that we provide exceptional service and robust client and candidate loyalty. COVID-19 isn’t going to stop us from keeping our promise or delivering our vision.

Hundreds of people in the finance sector rely on Market Talent’s recruitment service. But, the consistency of our recruitment service defines us. I can safely say we stepped up to the mark – our platforms and networks passed the test with flying colours, and I believe we demonstrated as a company to be exceptionally versatile and strong despite COVID-19.

I take pride in saying that while 2021 may have slowed us down, it most definitely didn’t stop us. The Market Talent team successfully placed nearly 80 candidates into blue-chip financial names for both contract and permanent needs – proving that the climate didn’t hinder regrowth from the pandemic. We also built robust new partnerships and systems and I do not doubt that more will come in 2022.

Recruitment Stats for 2021

Just to put this into context, the latest figures reveal that the number of job vacancies has now increased to over one million for the first time.

Between August and October 2021, this continued to increase to an all-time high of 1,172,000, a rise of 388,000 which is now well above its pre-COVID-19 pandemic January to March 2020 level.

I understand personally just how crucial it is to keep individuals in decent jobs, both for them and our economy – which is why it’s great to witness the unemployment rate decreasing for nine months consecutively and high numbers of candidates moving into employment.

Take Care and Enjoy Christmas


I’d genuinely like to thank all of you who have engaged with and participated in Market Talent’s work, supported us, and motivated us. You’ve enabled us to accomplish more than we thought possible. Not only this, you’ve helped us create an impression where it matters most.

I firmly believe all of this will propel us forward to face 2022 with renewed positivity and confidence. Yes, I think there are still hard times ahead. But I’m confident that, with patience, the job market will become more competitive.

Let me take the opportunity to wish all of you a peaceful Christmas and a better, healthier, and happier 2022. The team at Market Talent looks forward to working closely with you in the new year, so we can continue supporting you in the best possible way and move forwards together.

Take care of yourselves and each other!

Ryan Kaye

CEO at Market Talent Ltd