Credit Administration

21st February 2023
City of London, United Kingdom
Job Type:
£45,000 - £55,000
Operations & Middle Office



  • Maintain relationships with all key stakeholders (incl. Coverage, Risk, Credit, PBOps, Trade Finance)Promptly identifying and mitigating credit risk.
  • Client base to be restricted to clients and/or exposures managed in London Branch.
  • This role plays an important role in the prevention and detection of Financial Crime as well as in supporting both first line and second line of defence

Job Context
Timely fulfilment of day to day tasks, business requirements and regular housekeeping activities in accordance to the regulatory and performance standards of the organization.
•Ensure smooth flow of day to day activities and transactions assigned by the team leader.

Credit Documentation
•    Maintain credit facility files with all the relevant documents received from the Coverage teams, scanning of facility documentation before recording them in the vault for safe custody.
•    Prepare standard & non-standard documentation, Syndicated Agreements, Facility Offer Letters, Security related documents, Internal & External legal opinions and other condition precedent documents, etc. in compliance with sanctioned credit approvals.
•    Ensure all security/support documents have been properly executed, signatures are verified and authenticities of the signatories are supported by resolution
•    Coordinate with the International team in Head Office/Product Specialists/Coverage and Credit Teams as and when required in order to complete the documentation process/limit release in the Bank’s Systems.
•    Ensure approval from relevant authorities is held for deferrals/waiver of any incomplete documents.
•    Ensure rectification of existing discrepancies/deficiencies (if any) in documentation.
•    Encode lodgement of documents and update collateral data in the Bank’s system.
•    Verify and confirm periodically at the time of renewal/review of credit limits that all required security/support documents are physically held in safe custody and periodic clean-up of old and obsolete facility/security documents upon settlement.
•    Verify approvals requested for permanent release of collaterals, security documentation and ensuring that there are no liabilities or outstanding and facilities are cancelled from the system.

Credit Limit and Control
•    Encode and activate credit limits and ensure accurate detailing before inputting the same into the Bank’s system.
•    Maintain accuracy with regards to application of interest rates, commission, charges and various types of fee.
•    Prepare instructions for provisioning of accounts, customer grade changes, suspension of interest changes and write-off entries.
•    Prepare Facility Summary Sheet and sharing copies of Loan Agreements to Loan Middle Office related to Loan Administration Function.
•    Carry out monthly activities such as review of limit within the Core Banking System (T24), amendment of interest rates as applicable.
•    Encode up to date Overdraft interest rates codes in the Bank’s system.

Reporting and MIS
•    Prepare and submit monthly activity report on illustrating the total volume of transactions processed by the department.
•    Prepare and circulate documentation deficiency (expired/deferred documents) and collateral reports and following up for its timely submission /renewal.
•    Participate in creation and periodic update of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Credit Administration Department.
•    Report Key Risk Indicators (KRI) in a timely manner.
•    Prepare various reports requested by the Unit Head/Senior Management.
•    Support and collaborate with Cluster Countries as and when needed.
•    Ensure completion of mandatory training requested by the Bank from time to time.
•    Adherence to effective leave plan as per Department/Unit policy..

•    Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Commerce or any relevant discipline.
•    Minimum 3-5 years with at least 3 years’ of experience in Credit Admin function and legal documentation within a Financial Institution.

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