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Market Talent Interview 101 - Body language, the subtle signs.


Follow our Interview 101 compiled by our expert consultants who share their top tips and best practice.

In this weeks’ Interview 101 we’ll be covering how the subtleties of our body language can help win over a prospective employer, or leave them feeling cold.

More than just insider knowledge, our guide to what interviewers pick up on will be your edge in the competitive world of financial recruitment. It’s easy to be overwhelmed when confronted with a panel, so use our tips to overcome those nerves, and stand out from everyone else.


  • Passion, not just a dirty word – Something that will instantly get interviewers to engage with you is the way you convey your passion for the role on offer. You need to let them know that this is more than just a job for you, it’s a part of your life that genuinely excites you. Think about examples of work you have done, successes you’ve had, and the days you’ve left the office feeling satisfied, and feed of those in your answers to show a subtle love for your work. This will get even the toughest of interviewer onside, as natural enthusiasm is hard to resist.
  • Smile, it’s not that bad! – A smile goes a long way. Whether it’s as part of your introduction, a wry grin as you acknowledge a less than perfect response, or a genuine beam of happiness as you discuss your passion, a smile will engage with your interviewer and get them to feel positive about you, all of which will leave that ‘feel-good’ feeling after you’ve left the room and keep you in their minds.
  • Be attentive – You need to show you have a genuine interest not only in the job, but in them, the business, and everything that comes with employment there. Eye contact, nodding to points your interviewers make, turning and facing the person asking the question, and then addressing everyone in the room, will all show you can listen well, address a group, and are able to take others values on board – all of which are key skills at any level of employment.
  • Don’t fall off your chair – but do sit up straight and occasionally lean forward. Slouching and being too relaxed can convey a certain level of disinterest, which will turn interviewers off instantly, following on from showing an attentive nature, a good sitting position conveys confidence, strength and preparedness, and allows you to use hand movements to create a more dynamic engagement. That being said, don’t fall off your chair!
  • Gesticulate – You don’t have to look like you’re conducting the philharmonic, but some hand or arm movement will demonstrate that you can be dynamic, that you’re visualising solutions in your brain, and can bring these to fruition, which interviewers will translate as someone who not only sees the answer, but gets things done.
  • Pick your armour – Our guide to interview appearance covers how to dress in more detail, and is definitely worth checking out, but remember that dressing appropriately will give you a sense of confidence that will be conveyed to the interviewers. Not only that, but if you look like you fit in as soon as you walk through the door, they’ll already start to picture you in their role, which is half the battle won.


Often thought of as a dark art, body language, and using it to your advantage, can be as simple as common sense, being prepared, and engaging with your interviewer. Following our guide to pre-interview research, and keeping up to date with our other tips, will help deal with any nerves you might have, and leave you free to focus on presenting the best you.

If you’ve got any tips or ‘dark secrets’ about body language, and how it’s helped you, comment in the section below, or head over to our Facebook page and share with everyone today.